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Friday, November 13, 2009

Trend?? No, the Skinny Pant is here to stay

Years ago when the skinny pant covered the runways and IT clothing stores, people were saying it was just a trend, but the Skinny Pant is here to stay. Each season they get more fabulous than the last....
The first pair can be bought at for $485 US. They are Preen Line. Love, Love, Love all the detailed gatherings and seams but with all that gathering around the hips, yours better be small!

Even better than the Skinny pany is the Union of the legging and the Skinny.... Especially when there is leather involved. Holt Renfrew sold out 3 deliveries of the leather and cotton Alexander Wang pant/legging, which was over $1,000. Here are 2 versions of it available at Rag & Bone, $525. Something Else, $156

Riding lines are another great detail to add to this pant and believe it or not.... GAP has a cheap amazing jean version, if they are not already sold out. And look at the knees on the ones below, I want them!

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